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Learn more about the most popular applications of IP video surveillance systems

Mobile Monitoring

Access your video surveillance anytime, anywhere with browsers or mobile devices. Monitor and manage all your IP cameras with ease with mobile surveillance apps.


Remote Monitoring

Enjoy more features and better control such as exporting video footage, continuous and scheduled recording, faster download times and higher frames per second. Higher resolution with a larger screen means reduced chances of missing out on crucial details.

Video surveillance is more a necessity than a luxury for facility protection. Monitoring all points of entrance and exit is critical for facility protection.

When slips and falls happen, video surveillance will help to reduce liabilities and fraudulent claims by providing visual evidence. It is also extremely useful in the carparks where accidents and vandalism usually occur.



Video surveillance provides an important visual cross-check of operations in real-time. Find out which are the most efficient practices that boost your business and least efficient practices that slow down your operations. Gain valuable insight into customer and employee behaviour and thereby, strengthen your business practices and strategies.


Theft is an eminent threat in both retail and office environments. The presence of video surveillance can cut the odds of theft be it from outsiders or employees. Reduce shrinkage and reclaim losses by deterring and capturing them in the act.


The repair costs incurred from even the slightest vandalism such as broken windows and graffiti, when accumulated over time, will erode budgets and take away money from other investments. Video surveillance is an indispensable tool to reduce vulnerability to vandalism and preventing trespassers from loitering. Vandalism-resistant enclosures for surveillance cameras will ensure that you are well guarded against perpetrators who attempt to disarm the cameras.


Keeping employees physically safe in their working environment is a huge responsibility for businesses and organisations. Internal conflicts, on-the-job injuries are common issues faced. Sometimes, fraudulent behaviour happens too. Not only can video surveillance tackle such issues, it can help enforce safety policies, resulting in a safer workplace for everyone.


Keeping tabs on each vehicle entering and exiting carparks is imperative to creating a safer environment for everyone, especially for carparks with dim lighting which are more prone to criminal activity such as vehicle theft. Video surveillance will also help avoid costly liability claims and lawsuits when accidents occur. With the ability to capture license plate numbers, errant drivers will find it difficult to run away from the consequences of their actions.


Video surveillance will help to ensure that public events remain under control at all times. Effective crowd surveillance is an important part of any large scale event. Improve crowd control efforts, zoom in on suspicious behaviour, deter crime, aid law enforcement in identifying criminals and review recorded video to resolve disputes are what video surveillance is capable of. PTZ IP cameras, built with 360 degree endless pan to give you a full picture, are a highly recommended solution for large events which usually span over a large space. Other features include access control using facial recognition, VIP Access Management, queue management and restricted zones access control.


To keep traffic moving as smooth as possible, latest information must be available. There is where our video surveillance comes in. It provides reliable and detailed traffic video around the clock, encourages safe driving, detect violations such as speed, running the red lights, etc. In addition to safety benefits, a video surveillance system will aid greatly in traffic management and road maintenance. It is vital that the video surveillance system is able to withstand harsh weather conditions too.


We offer a full suite of total turnkey solutions for outdoor IP video surveillance networks. It is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of perimeter and outdoors, such as varied lighting conditions and harsh environmental conditions.


Demand for high specification, the need for rapid re-deployable video solutions is greater than ever as defence and security forces worldwide look to work smarter by reacting quickly and effectively to combat activity in criminal & terrorist hotspots. As the name suggests, it is designed to be quickly deployed in nearly any environment. It is a centralised video monitoring solution that integrates multiple video and audio feeds quickly into a weatherproof casing.


Our surveillance officers undergo intensive training to equip themselves with the best practices in the industry so as to provide the highest level of security. This turn-key service uses a secure internet connection to monitor your video surveillance system and proactively reduce and eliminate undesirable situations such as crime. With continued monitoring from the surveillance officers, immediate response to any situation that arises is made available. Predetermined actions plans will determine if dispatch will alert the client and local law enforcement or send a team of security guards to investigate.