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Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable materials and goods that are prone to theft. An efficient surveillance system is of utmost importance to protect your property and assets. Benefits include reduced theft, employees protection, building security, remote monitoring of facility from mobile devices, deter trespassers. On top of improved security, a surveillance system can also help boost productivity.

A surveillance system will allow you to monitor and secure buildings during both the construction and completion stages. It is critical to have a well-planned surveillance system installed throughout the site to ensure safety and security, especially since construction sites can face varied security issues such as accidents, vandalism, theft, etc. Benefits include theft prevention, safe working environment for employees, track construction progress through monitoring and protection against liability suits.

Regardless the scale of your office and business, keep your employees safe and protect your company assets against theft, vandalism with the help of a video surveillance system. In addition to overcoming these security issues, a video surveillance system will help boost productivity and improve customer service by allowing you to monitor day-to-day operations.

Surveillance system has changed the way retailers work with loss prevention, store optimisation, fraud detection, security and customer service. With the implementation of a surveillance system comes improvement in staff planning, store layout, loss prevention and enhanced marketing tactics, which in turn leads to increase in revenue and fast ROI.





It is of utmost importance to create a safe environment for students and staff at schools with a video surveillance system. A centralised video management software allows remote monitoring of the campus from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Benefits include better visitor management to protect students and staff, visual documentation of who enters and exits the campus, round-the-clock monitoring and strengthened situational awareness to better handle unexpected events.


Be it hotels, convention centres, museums, stadiums or casinos, our comprehensive range of scalable security solutions are specially tailored to your needs. Give your guests the peace of mind they deserve. Benefits include better crowd control during high-traffic events, perimeter protection to prevent intrusion in restricted areas or after hours, effective protection for patrons and employee, monitoring of day-to-day operations, enhanced customer service, efficient lost-and-found process, theft and vandalism prevention and fraud detection.


Surveillance system delivers effective security protection for both residential and commercial buildings. Safety for tenants and residents, protection of property and quality of lifestyle are all enhanced with video surveillance. Our video surveillance system will help real estate management make smarter and better operational decisions as well.


A security solution that can help protect patients and staff, and organisation from the risk of liability is of great importance to the healthcare industry. Privacy plays a huge role in this industry as it offers patients better peace of mind knowing that their information is safe. Benefits include restricted access to areas that hold sensitive patient information, tracked records of who accesses the information, safeguarding of medicine, reduced inventory losses and liability risks, preventing intrusion and loitering in unauthorised access areas and detection of slips and falls.


Countries all over the world are now focusing more on transportation security more than ever due to increased threats. Video surveillance systems have grown in popularity and are also often used as an effective tool for traffic control and management. Real time feedback are provided as traffic problems develop. Apart from providing security protection, video surveillance also helps operators ensure their systems are functioning at peak efficiency. Benefits include deterring crime and vandalism, creating a safer environment for commuters, reduced liability and faster incident response times.


Public safety and security is an important issue for governments at all levels. Video surveillance has proven to be an efficient preventative tool to create a safer and more secure environment within public areas. We offer an array of solutions to help government agencies enhance their security operations.


Facing a broad range of security concerns from employees, customers and inventory, a security solution that can help cover all potentially vulnerable areas is critical. Lapses in these areas can impact your profitability. Our surveillance system offers proactive protection for your business. Benefits include deterring theft and vandalism, better operational decisions with regards to patron flow and wait service, reduced liability and remote monitoring.


As the saying goes, home is where you should feel the safest. It is therefore essential to safeguard your home. Our team of experts will work with you to design a custom surveillance system tailored to your needs. Benefits include peace of mind, keeping an eye on your home while away via remote monitoring, deterring solicitors and break-ins, watching over maids and nannies.


Whatever your industry, Gustodia can meet your needs.

Find out how a IP video surveillance system can help in a wide range of industries.